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Excel Graphing Screencasts

These two videos are for my classes, made using the free screencast tool ScreenCast-O-Matic.

The first is for my IB Bio group for setting up a graph for a complex set of data, adding extra datasets, error bars and formatting. The second is a similar video for a simple Physics investigation in Grade 10.

Hopefully they are helpful as you can go back and re-watch important bits as you do the write-ups.

If anyone knows of a decent way to add best-fit curves (lines are easy) to datasets, please let me know!

Mobile apps for SlideShare – iPhones and iPads

SlideShare Mobile Apps

Here’s a quick post for students with iPads or iPhones. Do your pre-reading or revision (or just read for fun) on the way home using these applications for SlideShare.

SlideBySlide is a free app for the iPad which allows you browse and access SlideShare presentations. SlideShare’s mobile apps should also work on phones. If you have an iPad or iPhone, try them out and let me know how it goes.

Can you use these apps on BlackBerries and other mobile phones? If not, you can get pdf readers and ppt apps that will allow you to save the presentations from the network to your devices. Have fun playing with these ideas – how could we make better use of the technologies that you have in class?

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