6.4 Gas Exchange

The first half of Crash Course:

Essential Biology 6.4 Gas Exchange (Core)

Stress-busting breathing exercises, from Health and Yoga. Yup, we’re IBDP and we need it.





Check out this amazing TEDMED Talk in which Shaf Keshavjee brings a breathing lung onto stage and explains how the process of transplantation works.

Early in the talk he refers to Charity Tilleman-Dick, an opera singer who can sing again after a double lung transplant!

  1. Cristina Guevara

    Hi Stephen,

    Just found out that the mark scheme for a question about features of alveoli that adapt them to gas exchange says : “thin walls (do not accept membranes)”.

    Thanks again for your useful resources.


    • Thanks for the message, Cristina. Was that a recent paper?

      Is it to distinguish between the ‘wall’ of the alveolus and the ‘membrane’ of the cells that make up the wall of the alveolus? Gas exchange would occur across the membranes of the cells that make up the wall. The membranes themselves would be of standard thickness, but the wall made up of the epithelial cells is thin because it is only one layer?

      Thanks again,


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