Option A: Neurobiology & Behaviour

Make sure you have reviewed and understand the ‘Nerves’ component of ‘Nerves, Hormones and Homeostasis‘ – particularly focusing on synaptic transmission.

Ideas for IA Lab investigations can be found here.


Core Content: Biology guide (official page)

Additional Higher Level (Guide)

More resources:

Neurotic Physiology blog – lots of articles on neurobiology from Scientopia

Now protect that brain that you’ve been cramming full of knowledge!


Non-IB Unit: Learning About Learning


Animation Collection:

North Harris College has stacks of useful links.

Funny video: “Synaptic Cleft,” from the Tomcfad – if you get it, you’re doing well.

Here is a really interesting animated talk from RSA Animate – a great resource for short videos. In this talk, Dan Pink talks about what motivates us as humans. Does reward really lead to improved performance? What TOK links can you think of in this talk?


Image sources:

Brain maturing, from http://www.loni.ucla.edu/~thompson/DEVEL/dynamic.html

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