Pomodoro: Get Stuff Done!

The Pomodoro Technique is an effective way to overcome procrastination, get started on big tasks (by breaking them into smaller tasks) and to use time effectively. Essentially, by “hacking” your brain’s reward pathway with manageable chunks of time and small reward breaks, it can help overcome the fear of getting going.

@sjtylrPomodoroImageThis graphic organizer (pdf) is to help set a plan for a working period, recognizing that: 

  • Setting  clear and realistic goal is essential
  • Breaking large tasks into smaller steps helps get things done
  • Rewards/short breaks keep the brain motivated
  • Setting an overall end time is also really important
  • A distraction-free environment will really help

Of course if, once you get going, you find “flow” and can’t stop working… then get it done!

For more ATL-related graphic organisers, click here.

These “Pomo2020” Cards (pdf) can be used if your students need a little reminder to get focused. If they scan the QR Code, it opens this link, giving the following round:

  1. 4 min to set goals and clear distractions
  2. 20 min of focused work
  3. 4 min short break
  4. 20 min of more focus
  5.  4 min to reflect/clear up.

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