Option H:  Further Human Physiology

Click on the subtopics below for resources:

Note: this unit is not currently studied at BIS, so is unlikely to be updated in the near future. We cover Options C, E and G.

Resources here were last used with the 2008-09 graduating class.


The Adaptable Human Body

There is an amazing diversity of physical physiological adaptations displayed by humans living in extreme conditions around the globe. Watch this amazing clip from BBC’s Human Planet, and then head on over to Greg Downey’s amazing blog at PLOS Blogs, Neuroanthropology.

  1. varndeancollege

    I’ve recently joined and unable to download any of the slide shows. The mentioned “pop up” window doesn’t appear and following the the instructions to cut and paste the link into a new window doesn’t work either..results in an unintelligable error message. Can anyone help?

  2. Hi Robin,

    If you’re looking at the slideshows in the embedded viewer here on the blog, try to click on the ‘join conversation on slideshare’ button on the lower-right of the show – it will take you to the host page and then you can click on ‘get file’. You need to be signed in to SlideShare, though.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Hello,

    I was very much interested in downloading the Essential Biology 6 – Human Health and Physiology but a message came up that said the link was broken. Is this intentional? I found the SL version very helpful and was hoping to use this as well.

    Thank you Steve,


    • Hi Steve,

      Sorry about that – I have since broken the Essential Biology documents into their component subtopics and posted them on the pages for the Core topics. We are not studying this option this year, so I have no plans to update the resources on this page.

      Best of luck,


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