QR Codes


To share multimedia student presentations or reflections, connected to real artefacts or resources. For example, to attach to student displays, projects, items of interest in the school. A quick-and-easy alternative to AR/VR.


  1. Record the media and host somewhere with an active link.
  2. Follow the steps in the image to set up a custom QR Code, using QR Code Monkey (which ca make the codes look just that little bit less ugly).

How long? 

10 mins for the QR setup (much less when you’re used to it), but the media will take longer.

What else? 

QR Codes are super-useful for mobile tech integration:

  • QR Code Orienteering
  • Video tutorials on lab tools, techniques, routines etc.
  • Scanning quiz/class links for mobile tools (classroom, quizlet etc)
  • Projecting a code for students to quickly access a mobile site (though is.gd link shortener is also useful for this)


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