Topic 3: Genetics (link to subject guide) 15 hours
3.1 Genes
3.2 Chromosomes
3.3 Meiosis
3.4 Inheritance
3.5 Genetic modification and biotechnology

  1. very well done!!!!

  2. Dr Jill Galloway

    Hi Steve your materials have been extremely useful to us – we would like to send a donation from our Biology department, how do we do that?

  3. drobbinsmontana

    Hi Steve. After a long hiatius of quasi-retirement, I am back teaching IB Biology. I was at ISK Kenya for many years and used your site extensively. I have a year long sub gig in Bucharest and will teach year 2 IB SL Biology! Good to see i-bio back and following new curriculum. I am extremely psyched! I was wondering why the Genetics unit says reserved for content? Is there a way for me to access this info? It is one of the units I must do this year. I have been a donor to your good causes in the past and will gladly do so again. Thanks again for this great resource.

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