Modeling & Simulation

We are fortunate to have so many good, free simulations, models and tutorials available to us online. The list of quality animations and resources is growing quickly, so here are some examples which allow students to manipulate and take control and observe a dataset forming.

There are many more out there which are simple ‘walk-throughs’ of lab techniques, which I perhaps would not consider fit the purpose of modeling or simulation for the 4/PSOW, but would be good lesson reasources.


Simulated Lab Experiments

Virtual Electron Microscope (outstanding, can be used for practising magnification calculations)

Virtual Karyotype

McGraw-Hill HigherEd – lots of research papers turned into simulations


Simulating and Modeling Concepts

Pandemic II – manipulate factors that affect the spread of a disease

Molecular Logic – many java-based resources for molecular biology

Evolution Lab – what happens to the population as it evolves over time?

Population growth, from Freeman

Johnson explorations – lots more simulated investigations


Modeling Structures

Chemsketch – neat free chemical builder, drawer and animator

Foldit!  Groundbreaking ‘game’ developed to fold real or theoretical proteins into shape. Often in the news for breakthroughs made by players in the game.


My Resources:

DrosophiLab – investigate crosses in fruit fly genetics

Yeast population growth lab:

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