Transpiration, by Vernier

Transpiration, by Vernier

Vernier and Pasco, two of the main brands for datalogging systems for schools, have plenty of suggestions for lab activities related to Biology on their own websites.

Vernier’s Biology with Vernier site has over 30 lab ideas. Advanced Biology with Vernier is a further set of extended labs.

EDIT: Thanks to Jay for pointing this out. IB Correlations is a section of the Vernier site with curriculum links to IB Biology.

There are many examples also on the Pasco Biology pages.

Roger Frost’s DataLoggerama is a wealth of advice, too.

  1. Vernier makes it even easier now, Stephen! If you visit Vernier has now officially recognizied DP and has lab sets correlated by topic (they have this for Chem and Physics too). of course the connection is easy enough for teachers, but it is convenient to use, nonetheless.


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