3.7 Cell Respiration

This page contains only the basic Core content for Respiration. For the more advanced AHL8.1/ C3 content, click here.

Universality vs Diversity

As you go through the course, make a note of all the processes that make use of ATP. It’s astounding!

  1. Post a question! If there’s something you don’t get, post the question here and your classmates can try to help you answer it…

  2. Hi Stephen,

    thank you for the slides shared with educators.
    I am impressed with how you show the concepts in a simple way for students to understand. Presently I am teaching students the differences between breathing and respiration, grade 7 students and I would like to use the first 13 slides of your presentation to explain to students.

    thank you,

  3. Is it possible to access the ‘essential biology’ for respiration topic 3 as it has no active link on the page?

  4. In Biology SL, what detail do you need to go into about the Krebs Cycle? I have talked about it in words but haven’t used a diagram – is knowledge of a diagram needed i.e. the ability to label it?

    • Hi Giacomo,

      You need minimal content on the Krebs cycle in SL. It is not mentioned at all in the assessment statements. You do need to be able to explain the role of pyruvate and the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

  5. Hi,
    Thank you very much for your resources. My students really like it.
    I was wondering if there are answer sheets that I could use to help my students, and it could make my grading life so much more easier

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry – I don’t have answer sheets for the Essential Biology questions. I don’t use them all that often in class, but I left them up here as a review resource.



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