6.2 The Transport System

Essential Biology 6.2: The Transport System (Core)

Click4Biology page here.


The Cardiac Cycle

PH School Cardiac Cycle

Can you explain why the flow of blood around the body is known as a double circulation?


Control of the Heart Beat

PH School BioCoach – Control of the Heart Beat

McGraw Hill: Conducting system of the heart

But does a heart actually need to ‘beat’? Well yes, if it is living. But not this rotor-based artificial heart.

Think about how fight-or-flight or exercise lead to a change in heart rate. Can you draw a flow-chart?


Can you draw a heart?

Bonus features:

And why not have a go at open heart surgery from abc.net.

HPD Link: Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease:

Medmovie has good animations for atherosclerosis, heart attacks and heart bypass surgery. Not in the SL syllabus, but a useful topic for life.


Health Class Link: Learn CPR with the new guidlines:

Can you die of a broken heart?

Key terms: heart, cardiac, myogenic, artery, vein, capillary, blood, leukocyte, platelet, plasma, erythrocyte, sinoatrial node, pacemaker, valves, coronary


Higher Level Students (Option H only): Click here

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