Experimental Cycle [and other diagrams]

This graphic of the Experimental Cycle is adapted from the IB’s MYP Sciences Guide (2014), using GoogleDrawings. The experimental cycle is a neat visual representation of the process of a lab inquiry – and also of the stages of a lab report for the ‘Inquiring and Designing’ and ‘Processing and Evaluating’ assessment criteria.

Experimental Cycle Diagram (with text)

Other file types: svg file, GoogleDrawings file.

This version has been adapted further for MYP1, with guiding questions:

MYP1 Experimental Cycle Diagram


Sentence Stems

Here is a GoogleDoc version, with sentence stems for MYP 1 Students, to be used to help guide their language. Click File –> make a copy to make and edit your own.

For PDF Versions, click below: 


Other MYP Cycle Diagrams

The Design and Arts Cycles are adapted from existing graphics in MYP Subject Guides. The remainder are self-created.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Design Cycle (MYP5)

Other file types: svg file, GoogleDrawings file

Americanized spellings: svg file, GoogleDrawings file.


PHE Objectives

PHE Objectives (MYP5) in CA Colours. Go Falcons!

PHE Objectives (MYP5) in CA Colours. Go Falcons!

Year 1: GoogleDrawing

Year 3: GoogleDrawing

Year 5: GoogleDrawing


Arts Objectives

Objectives Cycle from Guide: GoogleDrawing


For the IB Diploma: IBDP Investigation Cycle.


A cycle diagram has not been produced by the IB for the DP Sciences, so here is my attempt. Click for a Google Drawings copy.

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  1. These are fabulous. I wasn’t able to edit any cycles. I would like to be able to edit the Science cycle to integrate the Design Cycle with it. (Our sciences integrated the design cycle in many units.) It would be nice to have one graphic with both on it. Is that possible?

  2. Thank you! You have saved me a lot of work, was just looking for something like this!

  3. Hi Stephen – I did something similar for the PP some years ago – it needs to be updated as it is based on Old chapter … will tweet it through to you. Great work on these visual representations..

  4. Thanks for taking the time to make and share these resources Stephen. If you or your school need any resources for DP Chemistry, then check out my site http://www.msjchem.com

  5. I love your cycle visuals. With your permission, I’d love to use them with my teachers.

  6. Stephen,
    The Diagrams you have worked up here are fantastic. I really would like to make use of them in my teaching & research but I am having a difficult time ascertaining how to properly cite you. Is this blog the only place you have published this or have you gotten it into a journal and I am just missing that link? Again, well done.

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