Spreadsheets & Graphing

IBDP Bio Excel StatBook

IBDP Bio Excel StatBook

To try to help students understand spreadsheets and graphing, I’ve put together an IBDP Bio Excel StatBook. It is simply an Excel document with lots of pages to allow students to choose which tests to use and to set up and format graphs and tables appropriately.

Almost all lab investigations could be carried out using Excel or another spreadsheet software. My advice to students is to always work first in the spreadsheet: perform calculations, create and format graphs and tidy everything up before moving to the Word document.

Students do need to have graphical calculators for their exams. You can also get some emulators online for free. Here is GraphPad’s QuickCalcs resource.

The tutorial videos below show how to perform some of the tasks in Excel.

Excel Tutorial Videos

More will be added to my YouTube channel or Tiger Tube.

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you so much for sharing such a wealth of information. People like you are making the internet a wonderful tool! I am currently trying out the Google spreadsheet. Do you have any experience with that in terms of statistically working out data?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Silke – thanks for the comment. I use GoogleSheets a lot now, but it is not yet good for custom error bars or (as far as I know) t-tests.

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