Investigation Cycle & IA Checklist

This is an attempt to capture the internal assessment descriptors (for the new guide) in a format similar to the MYP’s Experimental Cycle and Design Cycle diagrams. Click here for a copy of the GoogleDrawings file, or here for a .png file.

For official IB Guidance, see the subject guide here, and teachers’ support material here. Also, remember to pay attention to the guidance of the IB Animal Experimentation Policy.



IA Writing Support

Below is some IA guidance developed by Chris Paine of BioKnowledgy, adapted from an IA writing guide and coversheet I made for the previous subject guide. You might find it useful.

  1. I would love a digital copy of the IA outline, coversheet, and guidance frame. I can only find it in slide form. Would it be possible to get a copy of it?

  2. Hi, it seems that the IA outline, coversheet and guidance frame is no longer available. Could you please make it accessible? Thanks in advance.

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