3.1 Chemical Elements and Water


Source Unknown, but wow!

Hydrogen bonding


The Properties of Water

Crash Course Biology: Water – Liquid Awesome by Hank.

Water as a solvent

The diving bell spider uses surface tension and a little bit of web-gineering to build a bubble to allow it to live and exchange gases underwater. Click here to read more (as well as see a cool slideshow). Here’s a video:

How does water behave in zero gravity? Let’s find out at the international space station (this is really good):


TOK: Water and Homeopathy

"Alternative Literature" from xkcd.com

“Alternative Literature” from xkcd.com

Here’s a very funny Mitchell and Webb clip about homeopathy:

Click here for more ToK and Biology about Chemical Elements and Water, homeopathy and pseudoscience.


The Looming Global Water Crisis

For more resources, click here. What’s your Water Footprint?

To what extent does where you live experience water stress?

World Water Council: Global Water Stress

Here is Sonaar Luthra’s simple solution to testing water safety. Find out a little bit more about how it works here.

Frozen Planet challenge – explain this (brinicle)!

Key terms: elements, ions, compounds, water, cohesion, organic, inorganic, tension, thermal, solvent, sodium, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, potassium,

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