6.1 Digestion

Essential Biology 6.1 Digestion (Core) – Click4Biology Digestion page.

For content for the Further Human Physiology HL Option, click here: H2 Digestion, H3 Absorption


Animations & Tutorials

McGraw Hill: Anatomy of Digestion animation.

Enzyme activity animations from McGraw Hill, Northland College and KScience.co.uk

A great animation/tuturial on digestion of different types of foods from kitses.com

And an introduction to absorption(and villi):

And another one from YouTube.

Here are JD and Turk to tell us about the diagnostic miracle of egestion:


Key terms: digestion, ingest, egestion, enzyme, absorption, assimilation, transport, villi, intestine, duodenum, ileum

  1. Excellent. May I show this to my nutrition students?

  2. Hi Stephen,

    The link to the Essential Biology notes isn’t working. Any chance you could re-post them?


  3. Hi stephen,
    Great slides you have! (: Can I check with you if I can share this with my students?

  4. Hi Stephen, these are wonderful. can I download them to show to my students?

  5. Hi Stephen are there any notes to fill in to this powerpoint


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