3.6 Enzymes (inc. AHL 7.6 and C2)

One great enzymatic dollop, for the core content and AHL/ SL Option C. Make sure you use this theory in your write-ups, can relate the action of enzymes to their structure as proteins and look for examples of enzymes in action throughout the course.

Essential Biology 3.6 & 7.6/C2: Enzymes

Check out this article on the potential use of an enzyme in second-generation biofuels.


Core Resources



Enzyme activity and kinetics


Virtual Labs: 

Glencoe Bio VirtualLab: pH and substrate concentration vs enzyme activity

Glencoe Bio VirtualLab: pH and substrate concentration vs enzyme activity


AHL/ Option C Resources

Induced Fit

Metabolic Pathways



Check out all of the metabolic pathways in this chart by Dr. Donald Nicholson
Nicholson Pathways Chart, from Sigma Aldrich

Nicholson Pathways Chart, from Sigma Aldrich


And here’s a quick run down on YouTube:


If you’re up for some lyrical silliness, here’s an alternate version of the  Green Day song, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life):

Good Riddance (to excess end-products)
Pathway’s reached the end point, it’s product overload
Negative feedback is the only way to go
The allosteric site’s the perfect place to bind
To the end product molecules that it can find
The change is conformational, the substrate cannot bind
Inhibiting the first-step enzyme.
With inhibition the end product’s in decline
When it drops too low, the cell knows it is time
To revert to the original active site
I chose this Green Day song ‘cos it’s easy to rhyme
The change is quite reversible, inhibitor unbinds
Reactivates the first-step enzyme
E. coli pumps out tryptophan, butif environment provides
It inhibits the first-step enzyme
It’s negative feedback control, with allosteric sites
Inhibiting the first-step enzyme.

Here’s the Green Day video:

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