3.3 DNA Structure

Start with a decent tour of the basics, from Learn.Genetics.

Essential Biology for Standard Level students:

Essential Biology for Higher Level students:

Here’s a decent video from BBC AS Guru with David Suzuki:

Some fun: 


And here’s a very stylized video of DNA structure from Hybrid Medical Animation. See if you can narrate it:


The story of the discovery of the double-helix structure is a good example international collaboration and competition, and led to the Nobel prize for Crick, Watson and Wilson (who we never hear about). You’ve got to feel for Rosalind Franklin – her work was key in their discovery and she wasn’t cited for it until after her death.

Here’s a great video:

  1. Hello! I am a big fan of your website, I really find this website helpful!
    I am an IB student too, and in my school, we made our own DNA song!
    I would like to share it here as well 🙂
    Thank you!

    • Great! Thanks for posting this to me!

      Good luck,


      • Hi Stephen,

        I’ve just tried to download some of your ppts via slideshare but I can only access them in pdf format. Is it possible to download as a powerpoint?

        • Hi Wendy – most of the ppts that are downloadable as pdfs come through because they were made in SMART Notebook and converted. Usually the presentations which cannot be downloaded are in pptx format, but in a shared DropBox folder for donors to charity via Biology4Good (See about –> Biology4Good).

  2. How to i get the answer key for my students for the ib biology. Thank you.

    • Hi Mrs. Skinner,

      I don’t have one, sorry. I don’t use these sheets that often in class – but I left them up as some teachers and students like them to review from.

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