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Evolution of Altruism: Selfish Gene Video

Here’s a pre-viewing exercise for Grade 12. Watch this before we go on to the final topic: Further Studies of Behaviour.

What is altruism and how does it benefit the gene?

How does altruism originate and propagate in populations?

What is the difference between kin selection and reciprocal altruism?

We need to know examples in other animals. In Dawkins’ video, he explores a more TOK-related link to knowledge and ethics. Are we truly unselfish or is our kindness a veneer to promote our own reproductive fitness?

In what ways has Dawkins’ term ‘Selfish Gene‘ been misunderstood in general discussion? – clicky-clicky!

freezeray.pngThis is a great resource for KS3 teachers. Thanks to Joshua Jones for posting the link to the TES Boards.

There is finally a site that aims to produce resources for classes AND deliberately allows them to be saved and kept for use on the IWB. They even have a page to help you save Flash files – and templates to make your own Flash tasks on Flash MX 2004 +.You know what’s even better? The Flash animations are actually useful. Such as this one, which is a simple and clear graph plotter for middle school. They also have technology (mehanics) sims, investigation planners and a bank of hangman-style keyword activities. Rock on.

It is produced by Freezeray, in association with Great Barr School – a specialist Science college that looks like it might actually be into Science.

Stop reading – go look.

PS – for the quickest way to dowload and save, go the Firefox way.

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