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freezeray.pngThis is a great resource for KS3 teachers. Thanks to Joshua Jones for posting the link to the TES Boards.

There is finally a site that aims to produce resources for classes AND deliberately allows them to be saved and kept for use on the IWB. They even have a page to help you save Flash files – and templates to make your own Flash tasks on Flash MX 2004 +.You know what’s even better? The Flash animations are actually useful. Such as this one, which is a simple and clear graph plotter for middle school. They also have technology (mehanics) sims, investigation planners and a bank of hangman-style keyword activities. Rock on.

It is produced by Freezeray, in association with Great Barr School – a specialist Science college that looks like it might actually be into Science.

Stop reading – go look.

PS – for the quickest way to dowload and save, go the Firefox way.

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