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DNA Structure (Core and AHL)

This is a short one – class presentation is here (click shadowed images for animations and movies):

Here’s a decent video from BBC AS Guru with David Suzuki:

And here’s a very stylized video of DNA structure from Hybrid Medical Animation. See if you can narrate it:

The story of the discovery of the double-helix structure is a good example international collaboration and competition, and led to the Nobel prize for Crick, Watson and Wilson (who we never hear about). You’ve got to feel for Rosalind Franklin – her work was key in their discovery and she wasn’t cited for it until after her death.

Here’s a great video, though the presenter sound like he has a mouth full of marbles:

DNA Extraction: a simple method and a music video

A simple DNA extraction worksheet is posted in the BOX on the right.

Alternatively, go here.

This video shows a guy extracting pea DNA and using it to draw a portrait of Darwin.

(Music Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Tick)

Hip-Hip-Hooray for DNA

I don’t know how sincere this is – it sounds like it might’ve been heavily influenced by Monty Python – but it’s catchy and I like it. Peter Weatherall has a few if these on YouTube, so go and have a look.

Another catchy one (this time about photosynthesis) after the jump.

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Ultrasound technology: the next generation

Philips electronics have some good clips of their 4D ultrasound technology in action at their website:

Philips Medical Imagery

Worth a look in the reproduction topics.

This video is a great clip for comparing the old-school ultrasounds with the new 4D technology. She’s expecting triplets, too, which makes it more amazing. And here’s the clincher: listen to the soundtrack song carefully.

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