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Making ATP: Core content concept maps

In tomorrow’s class we’ll be reviewing our Making ATP unit (enzymes, cell respiration, photosynthesis and the greenhouse effect) with a couple of concept mapping activities. The first, cell respiration core, is made using the really useful free concept mapping tool from IHMC CMap tools. This is a freeware package for most computing platforms – very easy to use and might be a help in your revision!

In the second activity, build your own concept map making as many annotated connections between concepts as you can. Surrounding this, add and annotate the relevant graphs and diagrams.

Photosynthesis Linklist

Here’s a bit of silliness to begin:

And now for some ‘proper’ stuff:

(Download the version with animations and notes here: photosynthesis.ppt)

Step-through – Garrett and Grisham Biochemistry

John Kyrk again – very detailed

Simple, not entirely relevant – University of Aberdeen

Old-school animations, useful explanations – Teachnet

Light dependent reaction:

Nice and simple – St Olaf college

Another simple animation – on the webpage of National Louis University

Light Independent Reactions:

Calvin cycle step-through – National Louis University

Nice interactive Calvin cycle – Smith College

Some more general videos and overviews after the jump…

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John Kyrk – Cell Biology Animation - an excellent site for BiochemThis guy has spent a lot of time and effort on these animations, and they are brilliant.


Visit his main page at and you’ll find all you need for IB Bio HL Cells and Chemistry of Life.

Hip-Hip-Hooray for DNA

I don’t know how sincere this is – it sounds like it might’ve been heavily influenced by Monty Python – but it’s catchy and I like it. Peter Weatherall has a few if these on YouTube, so go and have a look.

Another catchy one (this time about photosynthesis) after the jump.

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