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Socrative Space Race (beta)

Quick update to the Socrative Space Race page: some new cards to use with the beta version.


Updated space race cards for

QR Code Orienteering: Describing Displacement

Mr Robbo, PE Geek

I’ve been wanting to find an excuse to do this for ages, since reading about the idea on Jarrod Robinson’s PE Geek blog

Today in one of our last classes, some students in my Intro Physics & Environmental Science class have been using a GoogleMap view of the area around our school to plan an orienteering course. The aim is to use this as one of the very first lessons with next year’s class as an introduction to scalars and vectors, as well as methods of describing displacement. By scanning a QR code at each location, runners will be given a description in the form of components or direction and magnitude, which they then locate on their map and run to.

When they return to school, the plan is to use their map to calculate distance vs displacement between points, as well as add some directed line segments for vectors.

I’ve made up some orange and white flags, which will be laminated. The QR codes will be taped on, giving flexibility to make up new courses around the school and to extend the activity by allowing students to design courses.


Free apps used: 

Here are the planning sheets/ maps:

Free and Cheap Science Class Apps for the iPhone [Presentation]

This year I got my first ‘smart’ phone and have been playing with free and/or really cheap apps that might be of use in Science class. Many of the students in my school have iPhones or other smart devices – at least enough to make pairs or small groups. This presentation is a selection of those I use the most or like and would like students to make use of, too.

If you have any favourite – free or cheap – apps that you make use of in Science class, let us know in the comments below.

Update: March 31 Featured on SlideShare homepage

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