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Forces & Motion

As our G10 class get working on the Forces and Change in Motion unit, I thought it was time to update the resources to take advantage of the Stratos jump and try out GoogleDocs* and presentations embedded into WordPress.

This task was designed based on student feedback from the last unit test. Some students wanted more (!) test-like situations and practice with the criterion, so I put this together. Prior to this lesson we had some short discussion on prior knowledge on forces (based on sports day situations) and free body diagrams. The rest they were learning as they went along. It was more engaging than I expected – lots of reaching for whiteboards, cooperative arguments and research.

The presentation for the unit is first, with the stimulus video next and the task below.

Note: interestingly the GPresentation embedded fine, but the embedded GDoc lost its formatting. 

The Sun’s Energy & Temperature Misconceptions

Here’s Derek Veritasium at it again, with two neat little videos. The first explores where the Sun gets its energy and the other shows a cool little demo regarding heat transfer. Enjoy!

Super Slo-Mo Slinky Drops | Veritasium [video]

I haven’t posted Veritasium for a while, so here’s a great video building on his slinky drop experiments. Go full screen and HD, then wrap yer brain around the explanations.

Jetman Races Jets in the Alps

Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy, the first man to cross the English Channel with a jetpack, races his jetpack and flies in formation with two jet planes over the Swiss alps. A neat little video and an excuse to test the VodPod Button to embed a Guardian video to Read the main story on the Guardian website.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s another wingsuit video in Norway:

Forces & Change in Motion Resources

As the Grade 10 classes end the content of the unit this week, the resources have been updated and uploaded to the class unit page here. When we return from the holidays, we will review the content of the last two units, complete a short unit test and start working on our One World/Communication in Science assignment “Acceleration Kills”. If you think of any good ideas for topics when you’re away on the break, keep a note of them. Otherwise, have a good holiday!

Here’s another Veritasium video to make you think:


Three Incorrect Laws of Motion

Veritasium Videos


Get yer brains in gear for the new G10 unit: Forces and Changes in Motion.

Veritasium is an impressive collection of science videos by Derek Muller. They are designed to challenge your misconceptions and make you think – which is why I like them. It’s easy to sit back and listen – but does the understanding really sink in?

See if you can correct the misconceptions presented in this video, then head over to their site for more examples. There are even some answers… somewhere!

Describing Motion Resources

For my Grade 10 Physics students. Resources for our unit so far can be found on this page: MYP Describing Motion . The presentation will continue to be updated as we go through the course, so keep checking back and let me know if you spot any errors.

Have fun!

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