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The Great Debate: What is Life?

The Incredible Human Journey

A great recent series from the BBC – The Incredible Human Journey. Dr Alice Roberts investigates the evolution of humans from origins in Africa to our spread and diversification across the globe.

Perfect viewing for a typhoon day!

You can see parts 1-5 on WhyEvolutionIsTrue‘s YouTube Channel.

Resources for Option D: Evolution

A huge thank-you to Jason de Nys of the Australian International School of Hong Kong for posting a link to his SlideShare page with presentations for Option D: Evolution. It is not an option that I have taught before, so there was a gap in the resources on this site.

One example is posted below, and the others are embedded on the appropriate pages, but please also visit Jason’s SlideShare page to see more of his work.

Thanks to Jason for sharing his work!

This presentation outlines a research project that we carried out a while back with a visiting geneticist. It uses authenttic research tools (and databases), and ties many elements of the course together – especially for HL students.

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