Resources for Option D: Evolution

A huge thank-you to Jason de Nys of the Australian International School of Hong Kong for posting a link to his SlideShare page with presentations for Option D: Evolution. It is not an option that I have taught before, so there was a gap in the resources on this site.

One example is posted below, and the others are embedded on the appropriate pages, but please also visit Jason’s SlideShare page to see more of his work.

Thanks to Jason for sharing his work!

This presentation outlines a research project that we carried out a while back with a visiting geneticist. It uses authenttic research tools (and databases), and ties many elements of the course together – especially for HL students.

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  1. Very interesting slideshare on Bar Coding in Plants.
    Where and when do you use it, Stephen? ie what part of the course?

    • Hi Gerry,

      It happened that Gill, the researcher, was in Indonesia and came in to show us what to do. We did it with a mixed HL-SL group in Topic 4, but it would be better suited to a class, particularly HL, who are also working on Option D. Either way, it is authentic, painless and addresses ICT requirements well. We used school computers, but if you have 1-1 it would be easier – there are three small free programmes to install.

      Good luck,


  2. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing your work.
    You might find a few interesting links here on Evolution:


  3. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for sharing the new technique of using of DNA bar coding to identify the plants in the field of Taxonomy in Jakarta.
    I am a regular user of i -Biology and I mostly rely on your new posts that I use in my classroom & this really helps me & my children updated about the latest & relevant information in accordance with IBDP philosophy.
    Great work !!!


  4. Thanks Nandini and Steve!

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