Option D: Evolution

The Core resources can be found here.


D1 Origin of Life on Earth

D2 Species and Speciation

D3 Human Evolution

D4 Hardy-Weinberg Principle (HL)

D5 Phylogeny and Systematics (HL)

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Great overall Evolution resources:

Rediscovering Biology: Evolution and Phylogenetics

Evolution, by Mark Ridley (video gallery and tutorials)

Becoming Human, fantastic interactive documentary resources from the Institute of Human Origins.

Richard Dawkins – The Greatest Show on Earth

Dawkin’ Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution is a well-written and logical presentation of the evidence for evolution, and we have a copy in the library. Otherwise, get on Amazon and buy your own.

There is a very funny review of the book here: John Crace’s digested read podcast.


Summarise each chapter in a series of slides or mind maps, with visual sources.

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Evolution Fun:

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