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Children’s Hospital Boston – Great Flash apps for students

Thanks to Rod Murphy for this one.

eSchool News featured CHB’s site as site of the week and it’s well deserved. There are some great animations here, including a nice neurons and synapses animation, some stem cell resources, cancer information and a chance to have a go at making an EM image.

Go have a look!

JoVE – Journal of Visualised Experiments – Update

Sounds like JoVE is moving up in the world and making real headway in validating the video format as a legitimate format for publishing experimental protocols and results. Since my first post about them, they have (according to a recent email) been in process with PubMed and may become their first peer-reviewed video journal. They have also added RSS feed, email subscription and bookmarks (Digg, del.ici.ous, stumbleupon) to readers’ capabilities.

Most importantly, though, is that these resources are visual and well-explained. Instead of just reading about complicated protocols, we can see what is being done and it may allow more to understand the steps involved and the reasons behind the research.

Here is a nice clip (12mins) about derivation of stem cells from embryos.  Hopefully, they’ll let me embed it on the blog. – Stem Cell Stories

Stem Cell Story

Stem Cell Story

These video resources from are well worth investing in – and since I bought the first video last year, there have been three more produced. Three are now available to view online. Great quality, short and suitable.

Edit: 2011 They can now be viewed online through their website and YouTube!

By JoVE, it’s Science on video!

hemocytometer.jpg While searching for videos on the use of a hemocytometer, I happened upon the Journal of Visualised Experiments. Go on… have a look.

They also have a sister site here:

It’s a blog/youtube site for Science only, and has some decent videos sorted into categories. I’m still trying to work out how to save or embed these videos, but it’s well worth a look. Great for introducing up-to-date Science topics in class.

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