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Digestion: Core and Higher Level

Here is the presentation for the Core section:

Class Notes to fill in here (pdf download – A3 size)

Some good links:

Click4Biology Digestion page.

Enzyme activity animations from McGraw Hill, Northland College and

A great animation/tuturial on digestion of different types of foods from

And an introduction to absorption(and villi):

And another one from YouTube.

Higher Level Content for the Further Human Physiology topic:

Class Notes to fill in are here (pdf file)

Some links:

Click4Biology Digestion FHP page

North Harris College animations collection

Gastric secretion animation from McGraw Hill

Digestion of lipids from ZeroBio

Heliobacter pylori and gastric pathology from Johns Hopkins

Absorption of Digested Foods:

Class Notes to fill in here (pdf download)

Villi structure from the University of Lanacaster and 3d4

Colorado State has animations for active transport.

Nutrition from has animations for passive transport, fat uptake, facilitated diffusion, endocytosis.

And, of course, here are JD and Turk to tell us about the diagnostic miracle of egestion:

Gas Exchange (Further Human Physiology)

Here’s the powerpoint:

Download it here: gas-exchange-fhp.ppt

And here’s the Click4Biology page

Gas exchange, oxygen dissociation and myoglobin:

Some useful tutorials from GetBodySmart

For a quick view of some basics, here is an animation from Wisconsin Online (though it’s not very good…)

Asthma and Lung Cancer:

What’s asthma all about? from

Asthma attack animation from 1on1health

Lung Cancer animation from Discovery’s Human Body Atlas

Mesothelioma (caused by asbestos) from

Healthy cilia and Smokers’ cilia from The Bioscope Initiative

Effects of pollution on your lungs from

Operation to remove part of a lung:

Altitude Sickness:

There’s an interesting video from ‘The Future is Wild’ after the jump.

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Hormonal Control – linklist

Donwload the powerpoint here: hormonal_control.ppt

Here’s a good simple overview of steroids and peptides – Wisconsin Online

Old school overview of the endocrine system:

Mode of action of steroid hormones:

Clear explanation from McGraw Hill

Mode of action of peptide steroids:

Short video, but clear – UC Davis

Mode of action of thyroxine:

Another one from McGraw Hill

Negative feedback and thyroxin secretion:

Control of the pituitary – Leif Saul (Biology in Motion – very good)

Control of ADH Secretion:

Too simple, but good overview – BBC GSCE Bitesize

Focus on the kidney (reviewing the effect of ADH) – BiologyMad

Other useful links:

North Harris College linklist

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