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The Missing Link to Renewable Energy? Donald Sadoway at TED2012

“We need to think big, we need to think cheap… Let’s invent to the price point of the electricity market. If you want to make something dirt cheap – make it out of dirt. Preferably dirt which is locally sourced!”

This is an entertaining and erudite TED Talk from MIT’s Materials Engineer Donald Sadoway which outlines our current problem of grid-level electricity storage, describes how batteries work and goes on to explain where we could go with molten metal batteries. He describes his passion as science and service to society, which is a great sentiment.

This is a good link to our units on Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science and would make a fine starting point for a One World project. How can science positively impact the world?


NewScientist reports on Prius with noise-machine.

I’m not sure if my sarcasm gene is on overdrive today or what, but this seems to me like biggest bit of non-news that NewScientist’s video channel has produced.

“Fake engine noise makes electric cars safer”

The main point seems to be to protect blind people and the terminally stupid (or i-Pod wearing) from being hit by quiet hybrid cars as they cross the street.

See how Mad Mike would solve the problem after the jump:

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Sustainable Dance Club

Here’s a cool idea – put transducers under the floor of a night club and use it to generate electricity to run the light and sound rigs. But just how much energy would be converted? Would it be significant?

How to Wire a Plug

Wiring a plugSimple flash app, allows you to blow up a TV. Can be saved easily.

Thanks to hooper from the TES Boards.

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