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Medmovie is a commercial website, though they have many animations available in their media library samples and interactives, including heart beats, heart attacks, atherosclerosis and more (I can’t link directly to each one – you have to go to the main page first)

They look fantastic – some are .swf and others are .mov, though all the samples can be saved easily in Firefox.

Hormonal Control – linklist

Donwload the powerpoint here: hormonal_control.ppt

Here’s a good simple overview of steroids and peptides – Wisconsin Online

Old school overview of the endocrine system:

Mode of action of steroid hormones:

Clear explanation from McGraw Hill

Mode of action of peptide steroids:

Short video, but clear – UC Davis

Mode of action of thyroxine:

Another one from McGraw Hill

Negative feedback and thyroxin secretion:

Control of the pituitary – Leif Saul (Biology in Motion – very good)

Control of ADH Secretion:

Too simple, but good overview – BBC GSCE Bitesize

Focus on the kidney (reviewing the effect of ADH) – BiologyMad

Other useful links:

North Harris College linklist

Recombinant DNA Technology

Here are some animations about rDNA technology. More direct links below the video.

University of Delaware (thanks to biology_sparkly at the TES Boards) Basic animation but lots of relevant info. Can be saved.

rDNA and plasmid and phage vectors from the Royal Veterinary College (more animations on the left of their page)

Rexin G: Targeted Biological Agent

This award-winning animation is a high-sheen advert for Rexin G, a nanoparticle combined with a gene to target tumour cells. Is this part of a new wave of targeted medicine? Time will tell. For now, just enjoy the animation.

This animation was produced by Hybrid Animation, who have a series of animation on their site, all very high quality. Go on – have a look!

Many of them are pretty advanced, but this one is  about antigenic shift in the bird flu virus.

Give Blood – a collection of videos about blood donation

Blood donation Ad: student project (not one of mine)

Greg’s Story: doctor and blood donor succumbs to leukaemia and ends up becoming a blood-product recipient.

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Ultrasound technology: the next generation

Philips electronics have some good clips of their 4D ultrasound technology in action at their website:

Philips Medical Imagery

Worth a look in the reproduction topics.

This video is a great clip for comparing the old-school ultrasounds with the new 4D technology. She’s expecting triplets, too, which makes it more amazing. And here’s the clincher: listen to the soundtrack song carefully.


Medical Animation here. Who would’ve thunk that a baby could come out playing the violin?

This one’s for the older students/ strong of stomach:

Link to video (Vaginal delivery – embed may be unsuitable for some)

Clear video of a c-section:

NHS Vaccinations

NHS Immunisation VideoNice, simple animations here:

1. How vaccines work

2. Herd immunity

Aimed at the panicky classes after the Wakefield/MMR-autism fiasco- so are quite basic- but raise some points for discussion.

The rest of the NHS immunisation site contains some good, clear information on vaccination schedules and the various diseases covered.

Real-Life CSI: Autopsy

Interesting short clip about the job of a medical examiner.

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