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Barenaked Ladies – History of Everything

Thanks to HezWad from the TES Boards for this one:

Go over to the original post at YouTube for the lyrics.

The Simpsons’ take on evolution is after the jump, thanks to cb23.

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150 years since ‘On the Origin of Species’

Darwin’s theory of natural selection was finally published (and sold-out) in November 1859. The idea had been in his head, and a talking point of others, for years before. We’re still talking about it today.

Here’s a clip from a BBC documentary called Legacy about the impact of Darwin’s ideas:

The Guardian newspaper has a great page devoted to Darwin, including key excerpts from ‘On the Origin of Species…‘ and an article by Richard Dawkins.

You can download the full text of the first edition in pdf format from the University of New South Wales, or read it online at Talk Origins.

A new year, a new beginning (of all life on Earth)

Miller-Urey experimentTwo short clips of Miller-Urey’s experiments demonstrating the formation of amino acids from water, ammonia and hydrogen (with a little help from lightning). The evidence produced by this experiment supported the hypothesis of chemical evolution – the formation of organic compounds from inorganic molecules.

Thanks to Hilary Rimbi from the IB’s OCC  for posting this link. Stanley Miller - No messing

A quick Google search turned up this short clip of Stanley Miller describing the experimental set-up.

If you click here, you can also try a simulation of the experiment (can be saved with Flashcatcher). This little Flash was produced by the University of California at San Diego’s TV channel. I haven’t had time to search through their site, but there may be more useful nuggets of Science gold there.

Human Evolution: A Grim Future?

The first few minutes of this movie (Idiocracy, starring Luke Wilson) are good for a chuckle. Strong language.

For more serious discussion of human evolution:

Evolution resources from

Thanks to bogstandardcomp from the TES Boards for this link. A collection of short films about evolution, breaking it down into discussion-point chunks. Quicktime or RealPlayer videos, but content is protected and can’t be saved – if you decide you like it though, you can buy the set on DVD.

Ali G takes on Kent Hovind

A bit silly, but vintage Ali G baits creationist ‘Dr’ Kent Hovind.

“So, has you ever eaten a banana? Ya? That’s proof!”

(EDIT – changed spelling of Hovind’s name)

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