Ali G takes on Kent Hovind

A bit silly, but vintage Ali G baits creationist ‘Dr’ Kent Hovind.

“So, has you ever eaten a banana? Ya? That’s proof!”

(EDIT – changed spelling of Hovind’s name)

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Director of Learning & MYP Coordinator at Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan. Formerly MYP HS Science & IBDP Bio teacher and missing it terribly. Twitterist (@sjtylr), dad and bloggerer.

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  1. Hovin got pwnd

  2. YouYou guys are real stupid, you can’t even spell hovind’s name right. (Kent)

  3. Meindert,

    YouYou werewere rightright.

    His name has been adjusted, though your manners could do with the same. By the way, surnames are written with a capital letter, so you should have written ‘Hovind’. You’ve also left his corrected name floating on the wrong side of the full stop.

    As ‘spell’ is a verb, you should describe it with an adverb, rather than an adjective. That would make it ‘correctly’, rather than ‘right’. The same goes for ‘real stupid’, which should be ‘really stupid’.

    Please check your messages for typos before coming here again.

    Well done.

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