A new year, a new beginning (of all life on Earth)

Miller-Urey experimentTwo short clips of Miller-Urey’s experiments demonstrating the formation of amino acids from water, ammonia and hydrogen (with a little help from lightning). The evidence produced by this experiment supported the hypothesis of chemical evolution – the formation of organic compounds from inorganic molecules.

Thanks to Hilary Rimbi from the IB’s OCC  for posting this link. Stanley Miller - No messing

A quick Google search turned up this short clip of Stanley Miller describing the experimental set-up.

If you click here, you can also try a simulation of the experiment (can be saved with Flashcatcher). This little Flash was produced by the University of California at San Diego’s TV channel. I haven’t had time to search through their site, but there may be more useful nuggets of Science gold there.

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  1. I know these are video resources and not songs you’re linking to on this blog, but Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements” is a classic, as is Flander and Schwann’s “The Laws of Thermodynamics.”


  2. Hi eyengtenure, thanks for the message. There have been a few musical interludes on the blog so far, and if you go all the way back to post number 1, there’s a video for tom Lehrer’s elements song. I’ll look up ‘The Laws of Thermodynamics’ and give it its own post soon.



  3. Couldn’t find a video, but here’s the mp3 of the sketch:
    [audio src="http://www.uky.edu/~holler/CHE107/media/first_second_law.mp3" /]

    More songs here:

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