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The Path to ATP

Back in 2014Eleanor Lutz created “How To Build A Human” which has been shared a lot recently – so I went back to her blog to see what is there and wow!

Here is a new (and helpful) infographic for HL Bio, “The Path to ATP”. Think a simpler version of Gerhad Michel’s famous Roche Biochemical Pathways.

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Thrift Shop Parody: TCA (Kreb’s) Cycle Rap

Pitched just a little over HL, but very well done and super catchy, here’s Wilson Lam’s Thrift Shop Parody:

Related, of course, is Tom McFadden’s Oxidate It Or Love It:

And if all that’s too musical, here’s Hank:

Making ATP: Core content concept maps

In tomorrow’s class we’ll be reviewing our Making ATP unit (enzymes, cell respiration, photosynthesis and the greenhouse effect) with a couple of concept mapping activities. The first, cell respiration core, is made using the really useful free concept mapping tool from IHMC CMap tools. This is a freeware package for most computing platforms – very easy to use and might be a help in your revision!

In the second activity, build your own concept map making as many annotated connections between concepts as you can. Surrounding this, add and annotate the relevant graphs and diagrams.

Cell Respiration – linklist

respiration1.pngHere’s a good one for an opener: no narration, just an action-packed graphic.

It comes from Dr. Meyer at Queensborough Community College.

Here’s a cracking step-through animation  – from John Burrell at Patana has collections of slideshows that can be viewed online:

Download the editable version here: cell_respiration_hl.ppt

Here’s another:

OK, here are some more animations:

Respiration is not breathing! – Tim and Moby (Brainpop)

Good tutorial with questions – University of Wisconsin

Simple overview – Herriot Watt

Flash Overview – UC Davis biosciences

Windows Media overview (very flashy, above HL) – Virtual Cell Animation Collection

Stage-specific animations after the jump (glycolysis, Kreb’s cycle and ETC, oxidative phosphorylation)

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Cell Respiration Animation – keeping it simple

Respiration - Heriot Watt StyleClick here for a decent animation of the process of cellular respiration.

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