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The Transport System

These links are for the Further Human Physiology unit.

Here’s the powerpoint:

Download here: transport-system.ppt

And here’s the Click4Biology link has a large collection of animations which are great for this unit. We can’t link to them directly, but it’s worth having a look around.

The Cardiac Cycle:

Hyper Heart animation and graphs from the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Biointeractive from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Control of the Heart Beat:

A few good links to try from Washburn Rural High School

And don’t forget the Medmovie resource…

Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease:

Medmovie has good animations for atherosclerosis, heart attacks and heart bypass surgery. There aren’t many that are better…

Production of Tissue Fluid and Lymph:

Hydrostatic and osmotic pressure (fluid exchange) from McGraw Hill

Capillary exchange from (they have other good resources, too)

Bonus features:

For a good (tricky) prac, here’s a virtual EKG package from

And here’s a decent heart structure tutorial from Gateway Community College

HyperHeart – da dumpf, da dumpf, da dumpf

Hyper Heart animationThanks again to bogstandardcomp from the TES Boards.

This Shockwave app shows the full cycle of the heart beat and can be paused at any point. It includes ‘live’ ECG and blood pressure graphs and some tutorials (though I had difficulty getting them to work). Conveniently, it can also be saved using Firefox or Flashcatcher, to be used on the whiteboard.

Derryclare also posted a great link:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute circulation animations.

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