IB Biology: Sortable Syllabus

I made this document to help my students review for their mock and final exams. It is the syllabus presented as a sortable Google Spreadsheet. There are tabs at the top for Paper 1 & 2: Core content, Paper 1 & 2: Core & AHL content, and for each subtopic.

  • Go to “View –> List view”.
  • Use the sort feature to target individual command terms, topics, objectives or levels.
  • It also has the ability to sort by suggested TOK connections or aims.

It does not include any images from the subject guide, as these cannot be included in cells to sort, so you will need to use your own copy or the text(s).

This could be a powerful review tool if used in response to practice papers or as a formative/ self-assessment tool. If a student is identified as weak in a particular command term, they can sort their revision and set priorities. It should allow for quick and focused differentation of exam preparation.

SortableSyllabus: IB Biology. Click to open and go to List View

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International Educator: China via Japan, Indonesia & the UK. Director of Innovation in Learning & Teaching. Science educator. Twitterist (@sjtylr), dad and bloggerer. MA International Education & current EdD student. Experienced Director of Learning & MYP Coordinator. Interested in curriculum, pedagogy, purposeful EdTech and global competence. Find out more: http://sjtylr.net/about. Science site: http://i-biology.net.

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  1. Stephen this is awesome!! I had sorted the command terms on paper, but this drastically reduces time and paper. Thank you for sharing, my biology class would be dull without your resources. My students love your site and call it the ultimate revision tool!

  2. Had done something similar in excel. So the students could sort to see what were the draw and label, list etc This is brilliant, as usual. Hope all continues well in your world
    Liz B

  3. That’s a great idea. Thankyou. I have used the excel sheet for a few years but on a google doc it is much easier, and I really like the way you have picked out the TOK and Aim 8 as well as highlighting the command terms. Genius.

  4. Thanks David. Good luck!

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