Using your IB Bio GoogleSite

This is for my IB Bio SL class: keep the site updated using these tips:

(Go fullscreen and HD)

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  1. Steve Casterton

    Would really like to know more about this interesting site. How do you use google docs to set it up?

    • Hi Steve,

      I built a GoogleSite as a handbook for the Bio course, using the content from the Bio subject guide and organising it into pages. When it was looking right, I copied once for every student and shared it with them, so only that student and I have access. We each subscribe to email updates so we know when the other is commenting or adding work.

      The basic idea is that the students use this to record their learning and build in the resources they find useful. I check them for completeness and have produced an assessment rubric, so it forms part of their reported grade.

      I’ve tried many forms of handbooks, note-taking and website tasks in the past and so far this one has the best level of engagement. We’ll see how it develops over the next couple of years, though.

      Thanks for the comment,


  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your detailed reply. I am a big fan of your work which has helped keep me in touch with what is possible and my students have benefited greatly.

    Is possible to extend the sharing? 🙂

    I like the idea and see that it could be a very powerful tool for my students.

    Totally understand if you would rather not.



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