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Microdocs: Stanford’s reef sustainability documentaries

Stanford’s Microdocs project is a well-presented set of video and pdf resources for learning about sustainability and the coral reef ecosystem. Each video is a few minutes long and accompanied by a short article or links to useful sources.

It’s divided into useful topics and easy to navigate (and looks good, too).

And while we’re on the theme of the oceans (again) there’s a brilliant student activity resource centre at the UCLA’s OceanGlobe centre. Everything you could ever need to study marine science.


Here’s the presentation for the Classification topic:

Follow the links in the images to learn more.

There’s a good wiki article on Classification here.

Here are some decent links to free organism identification resources:

Rapid Color Guides do loads of pdf files on tropical plants, lichens and animals.

The Mekong River has been extensively catalogued in terms of invertebrate life.

Riverwatch has a more user-friendly identification guide, that goes to Order level.

And a couple of rocky shore guides can be found here and here.

You can even carry out a virtual rocky shore transect from the British Ecological Society.

And there are a load of awesome resources at the UCLA OceanGlobe Student Resources site.

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