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Good Luck, November-Session Students!

Exams, from FlickrCC

November-session IB exams start today. Good luck to all students taking part, and here are some exam tips to help you out.

1. Pay attention to the Command Terms! Answer the actual question, not what you think the question might be.

2. Make good use of your five-minutes reading time to pace yourself and settle down. Think about which optional questions you will score most highly in.

3. Write clearly and concisely – it is not a Creative Writing exam. Get to the point, get the points (check how many points the answer is worth).

4. Use the correct biological terms. Markschemes are very prescriptive, so tighten up on your explanations. If you’re having a last-minute cram session, explain to others.

5. Most importantly – SLEEP (and sleep) and stay healthy. I know it’s easier said than done, but all-nighters will not do you much good.

Finally, once you’ve finished the exam, obey the IBO’s 24-hour rule. Do not discuss the paper with anyone else, and especially do not go online to facebook or tweet your stress.

Image: ‘Exams_by_Majeed

End of Year Exams: Online Revision Tools go to the shared area for free quizzes and games go to the shared area for free quizzes and games

It’s that time of year again: Middle and High School semester exams. Make sure you know what is going to be covered in your exams and study effectively. Here are some links to help make your study more fun.They are for free and online services only. Don’t forget all of the resources we have on the school network.

Quizzes and Vocabulary: for lots of games for all subjects, including ‘Rags to Riches’ (Who Wants to be a Millionaire). The Grade 8 Chinese students had fun here.There are lots of vocab and flashcard activities for ESL/CAT students.

FlashcardExchange is a huge resource of flashcards for students to study keywords and terms. Some sets are based on diagrams and images, such as in Science. You can test yourself, play memory games and keep track of your progress. Awesome. If that’s not enough, you can make your own sets. has more flashcards and an interesting game called scatter for each set. Free and online, so try it!

Mind Mapping online

Genetics Concept Map

Genetics Concept Map - made in CMap tools is my favourite (and easiest to use) online mind-mapper. Have a go (no sign-up needed)!

BBC Bitesize also have one which is online and free, but can be a bit frustrating.

Mindomo works well and can be used collaboratively. It looks good, but requires a sign-up.

The best for concept mapping (we describe each relationship on the connector) is CMap tools, which is free but needs to be downloaded and installed. It is excellent, though. This Genetics review was made using it. For the answers, click here.

OK, get to work!

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