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Statistical Analysis 2009

Here is the updated presentation for 2009, with more information on Excel and a worked set of examples with hummingbirds, to tie in with the natural selection topics.

And Geoff Browne kindly gave permission to upload his t-test powerpoint to slideshare:


Updated Essential Biology 01 – Statistical Analysis (word)

Click4Biology statistical analysis page, with great help for calculators and excel

Excellent Handbook of Biological Statistics from John MacDonald

Sumanas statistics animations

Field Studies Council stats page, including the t-test

Open Door Website stats page and help with graphs and tables

Gapminder awesome human population stats tool

And this enlightening talk from Han Rosling: No More Boring Data!

Using your calculator:

Using the TI GDC (from Click4Biology)

Using the Casio pdf download (from

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