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E2 Perception of Stimuli

Class presentation:

Essential Biology: E2 Perception of Stimuli

Hermann Grid Illusion


Collection of animations from North Harris College

Eye structure tutorial from Sumanas

Simple how-the-eye-works from BiologyMad

The Sense of Sight from Wisconsin Online

How many megapixels is the human eye? from Brainiac.


How the Ear Works, from

The Sense of Hearing from Wisconsin Online

Neat Ear Tutorial from University of Alaska Fairbanks

McGraw Hill Effect of Sound Waves on Cochlear Structures

Test your hearing range (carefully) from the University of New South Wales

Mantis Shrimp: Awesome Vision

Interesting reading:

The peer-iodic table of illusions, from

The Mantis Shrimp’s amazing visual capabilities, from NotExactlyRocketScience

The eye is not irreducably complex – it is the product of natural selection

Evolution of vertebrate eyes from Pharyngula

Owl monkey example of eye evolution, from NotExactlyRocketScience

Video, The Evolution of the Eye, from PBS:

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