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Creative Commons & Reasonable Use

Find out more about about Creative Commons in education… Read the rest of this entry – Lectures and Podcasts in Science

PulseProject is an interesting collection of video lectures and podcasts in science. It is aimed at university and IBDP-level (or A-level) students and educators as well as the general (well informed) public. Looking through their list of lectures and videos, there is some leaning towards eugenics and psychology, though there are many that might be of specific interest to IB Biology students:

Genetics & Evolution:

GM Crops and global food security Chris Leaver

Where did you leave your genetic fingerprint? Katharine Wright

Genes and Human History Gil McVean

Descent of the Dinosaurs Chris Jarvis

Music of Life: a new view on nature and nurture Denis Noble

What makes us human? Robin Dunbar

The practice of Eugenics in Estonia Ken Kalling


Saving the Asian Apes (Indonesia link!) Susan Cheyne

Exploring the Ecology of Insects Mike Bonsall

Seven Years to Save the Planet (Climate Change) Bill McGuire

And some bits from our heroes:

Ben Goldacre at Skeptics in the Pub

Marcus du Sautoy on A mathematician’s journey through symmetry

Ruchard Wiseman (the Quirkology guy) on the luck factor

Defence Dynamics: Ministry of Defence Multimedia Science Resources

click for Science resources

click for Science resources

Thanks to bimbo1973 from the TES Boards for this one. The UK’s Ministry of Defence has a website called DefenceDynamics, which is multi-disciplinary set of teaching resources. It includes audio, video and lesson plans and takes each topic from the point of view of the UK’s military, sports or news items.

There is also a section for students to access, with access to some of the multimedia resources in the teachers’ area.

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