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Magic Pen – A Phun Game for wasting valuable study time

Thanks to Danny Nicholson at the WhiteboardBlog.Magic Pen - poof! your time has disappeared.

Similar to the Phun application I mentioned a while back, here’s a simpler game-style version. It’s in Flash and can be saved with the Firefox app, so it can be played on the whiteboard later.

What are you doing working?

Go over there and waste some time! (Joking)

Fizzix is Phun

I’m a bit worried about posting this so close to the DP exams*, but it is irresistable…

Ben Goldacre posted this video on the badscience blog – it’s a Physics toy for the computer, which can be downloaded here:

The comments page turned up a load of other good toys to play with, so go on over to the original post and check them out.

There are plenty of videos of Phun in action on YouTube.

*potential 10 on the procrastinometer

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