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Defense Against Infectious Disease (Core & AHL)

Standard Level: Essential Biology 6.3 Defense Against Infectious Disease

Higher Level: Essential Biology 6.3 & 11.1  Defense Against Infectious Disease

Core content:

Additional Higher Level:

The Click4Biology pages are here: Core – – AHL

A separate post on HIV/AIDS will follow.

The Immune System – Phagocytosis and Clonal Selection

Here are some very clear clips for the immune responses to infection, starting with a really well done explanation of Burnet’s Nobel-winning clonal selection theory:

If you like that, check out some more of the videos from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

Try this animation and quiz: McGraw Hill Online Centre

And another Nobel-winner, the cellular response from

Clonal Selection

Clonal Selection

Phagocytosis in action:

Neutrophil (phagocyte) chasing a bacterium:

The humoral, though not funny, response – from the LifeWire

How does the leukocyte know where to go? Chemotaxis – from Wisc-online

Once you’re sure of how it all works, can you narrate this medical animation?

And for another of the body’s defenses: Natural Killer Cells

Loads more links to clips at North Harris College.

Grade 10 – Pathogens and Disease

Grade 10 Pathogens and Disease – IB Biology prep course

Stay tuned to the class page, found here: Pathogens and Disease

Complete all the notes on Essential Biology: Pathogens and Disease

Click4Biology notes:

Core content:

Further content:

Here is the Pathogenic or Non-Pathogenic? Quiz:

Check out some of these video clips on the immune system:

Defense Against Infectious Disease megapost

Here we go, Standard Level and Higher Level in one big post:

As always, North Harris College has a great set of links to immunology animations.

Here’s the core, for everyone:


Antibiotic action from HHMI

Antibiotic resistance from Sumanas

Interferon, an antiviral medication from the University of Illinois

Antibody prodution:

Simple animation from

Retro-style animation and explanation from

More detail (better for HL) from McGraw Hill


Have a go at the Rediscovering Biology online text and animations

Here’s an in-depth look at the HIV virus from

And a good look at the HIV life cycle from Sumanas

You should really read this article on social and economic impacts of HIV

The resources for HIV out there are prolific, so go find them if you’re still curious!

And to set your mind at ease, the best HIV website:

Additional Higher Level content:

Start off with some of these resources from

Blood clotting:

Explanation and animation from HowStuffWorks and ADAM

And from the Indiana Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre

The Specific Immune Response

Great introduction by RM Chute

This one from McGraw Hill is really clear (we don’t need the bit about cytotoxic cells), and have these animations about the cellular response and humoral response.

Here’s a nice one about the action of antibodies from edumedia (but you’ve got to pay), and a better one on the action of immunoglobulins (antibodies) from WHFreeman.

Monoclonal Antibodies:

Here’s a simpe YouTube explanation:

Good animations from McGraw Hill and  Sumanas.

And when you’re through all that, have a go at a Virtual ELISA test from HHMI

You might even feel like a pregnancy test.


Here’s House MD to knock some sense into you:

And on  more serious note – the NHS has a very clear website with animations.

Girls might want to know more about the HPV Vaccination and its protection against cervical cancer.

And for more readers and in-depth stuff:

The Media’s MMR Hoax from is the perfect reader for discussion of the perceived dangers of the MMR jab. You could pair it with this video (edited by an anti-MMR activist).

Go for Rediscovering Biology’s Emerging Infectious Diseases online course.

Or find out more about parasitology, check out the Atlas of Parasitology or check out this video:

Parasites – Eating Us Alive“:

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