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The Immune System – Phagocytosis and Clonal Selection

Here are some very clear clips for the immune responses to infection, starting with a really well done explanation of Burnet’s Nobel-winning clonal selection theory:

If you like that, check out some more of the videos from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

Try this animation and quiz: McGraw Hill Online Centre

And another Nobel-winner, the cellular response from

Clonal Selection

Clonal Selection

Phagocytosis in action:

Neutrophil (phagocyte) chasing a bacterium:

The humoral, though not funny, response – from the LifeWire

How does the leukocyte know where to go? Chemotaxis – from Wisc-online

Once you’re sure of how it all works, can you narrate this medical animation?

And for another of the body’s defenses: Natural Killer Cells

Loads more links to clips at North Harris College.

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