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Mice cloned from frozen bodies

So cloning is nothing new, but for the first time we see healthy lab mice cloned from the cells of dead mice – some articles are calling this a ‘resurrection’, although it is nothing of the sort.

It is, however, a big step forward for genetic reserach – lifting the possibility of cloning long-extinct species out of the realms of pure science fiction and into the ‘almost there’ zone. A team of Japanese researchers from Kobe, Japan, used a modified method to clone these mice from tissues that had been frozen for up to 16 years.

Here’s a clip from Japanese news, with a really clear section showing what looks like the insertion of the nucleus into an egg:

For a useful reader, here is the NewScientist article. Here’s another one from the Guardian.

As ever, one of the best reading sources is the Not Exactly Rocket Science blog, where Ed Yong tackles the research paper directly in his article and makes it easy to understand. Check it out here.

Learning idea: ‘dub’ the Japanese clip into your own language, using the information from the articles above.

How did they achieve it? How does it differ from normal cloning? What surprising results did they encounter?

Try to get your story to complement the images in the video clip.

I can just see Jeff Goldblum‘s gurning face as runs for his life from a cloned dodo…

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology linklist

This topic is Science at the moment, so let’s keep it as concise as possible. Some people go as far as studying a degree in all this, but that can wait for now!

Here’s the presentation for the IBDP Biology syllabus:

And here’s the revision page from Clcik4Biology

And now by topic:

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Very visual from Dolan DNA Learning Centre

McGraw Hill step-through

Rutgers step-through

and of course, the ever-so-silly PCR Song

Gel Electrophoresis and DNA Profiling (or DNA Fingerprinting)

Easy intro from Court TV

In-depth look from DNAi

DNA Learning Centre’s Electrophoresis animation

Learn.Genetics super-flashy animation

Case study: the case of the pothunters from Learn.Genetics

The Human Genome Project

Official Site How to sequence a genome

Teachers’ resources

Learn.Genetics genome resources

Outcomes: Bioinformatics DNA Microarrays 1 (2)

Outcomes: looking deeper into evolutionary relationships:

Gene Transfer Technology

McGraw Hill animation collection

NewScientist: gene therapy success reverses blindness

Gene Therapy in SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) from Sumanas

Gene transfer in insulin production from abpi schools

Using the gene gun as a vector from Purdue

Genetic Modification in Crops and Animals

Glowing pigs and fish: Animal Farm TV series

GM food and you (objective, worth watching)


Excellent animation from Dolan DNA Learning Centre

Video: Enucleation of an egg cell from Howard Hughes Medical Institute:

Download this Stem Cell cribsheet from SEED Magazine

Therapeutic cloning cures Parkinsons mice

More about cloning from ActionBioscience

If this catches your imagination, dig deeper!

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