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Reproduction in Angiospermophytes

Here is the class presentation:

This is a quick topic, though it has some tricky bits in.

I’d recommend a review of transcription and translation when going through the photoperiodism section.

Now we’re finished with the unit, all of the presentations have been posted on the Plant Science Page.

The Ig Nobel Prizes 2008

The Ig Nobel Prizes are a celebration of weird, pointless and entertaining scientific research that, as the Improbable Research organisation puts it, “first makes you laugh, then makes you think.”

Some of the winners from this year include:

– Nutrition: making crisps crunch louder than they should

– Biology: “fleas that live on a dog jump higher than fleas that live on a cat”

– Chemistry: conflicting teams arguing over whether coca-cola is an effective spermicide

– Physics: mathematical proof that heaps of string will inevitably tangle up in knots

All geniuses, no doubt.

Here is the acceptance speech of last year’s prizewinners for Medicine: Sword Swallowing!

Statistical Analysis

Other websources:

Click4Biology has an excellent page for this topic

The Open Door website has some basic stats, as well more in-depth uses of statistics. Particularly useful is their page on errors in Biology.

The Field Studies Council has a good t-test page shows the awesome power of statistics. Grrr….

And you can ask your teacher to get the T-test Powerpoint from the OCC.

Using your calculator:

Using the TI GDC (from Click4Biology)

Using the Casio pdf download (from

BIS Students:

Here is our Quia Class page on this topic.

North Harris College – loads of animation links

The Biology department at North Harris College have posted links to many animations online. They are divided into general Biology and Anatomy & Physiology.

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