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Information Is Beautiful at TEDGlobal 2010

Linked to some of the other posts about data visualisations, here is Information is Beautiful creator David McCandless at TED Global 2010.

“Data is the new (s)oil”

Visualisation is a great tool for highlighting trends and patterns in data sets, but we must still learn to go into the data ourselves. We must use a critical eye when looking at these graphics – what do they intend to communicate and how well do they achieve their goal?

Not a video, but…

… a great site for visualising data.

Deadliest infections, from Information is Beautiful

Deadliest infections, from Information is Beautiful

I particularly like these posts:

How safe is the HPV vaccine? (in response to ridiculous scare-mongering news stories)

The Billion-dollar-gram (What is a billion, anyway?)

Surface area required to solar-power the world.

Sumanas – multimedia science resources

Sumanas, inc. has a good selection of high-quality animations and interactives.

Some highlights include their pages on Statistics and some excellent resources in the general biology page.

Statistical Analysis

Other websources:

Click4Biology has an excellent page for this topic

The Open Door website has some basic stats, as well more in-depth uses of statistics. Particularly useful is their page on errors in Biology.

The Field Studies Council has a good t-test page shows the awesome power of statistics. Grrr….

And you can ask your teacher to get the T-test Powerpoint from the OCC.

Using your calculator:

Using the TI GDC (from Click4Biology)

Using the Casio pdf download (from

BIS Students:

Here is our Quia Class page on this topic.

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