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Membranes – much more than a sheet covering the cell. If you can understand the relevance of the fluidity of the membrane, the various roles the plasma membrane plays and the structures which allow it to do so, you’re well on the way to making the connections needed across the curriculum. And then there’s membrane transport…

Click on the shadowed images in the presentation to be taken to (many) animations and videos:

Essential Biology 2.4: Membranes

For lots more animations on cell strucure and function and cell transport, visit North Harris College.


This is quite a long presentation covering membrane structure and function and passive transport, active transport and vesicle transport:

There are many links in the presentation  – clicky clicky!

The internet is awash with decent animations and video clips for this topic – your best bet is to enter the search term “_____ transport swf” and see what comes up.

Transport in Angiospermophytes

Don’t forget the useful resources from the Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary

Mineral uptakes from

Cell turgor animations from

Transport in plants from University of Alberta

Stomata from Terry Brown

Phloem transport from Kellogg

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